Saturday, October 13, 2012

The End.

My mom always tells me "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." So I'm afraid this is the point of no return for this blog. I've been through so much the past couple of months that have left me dangling off a cliff, wrung out and left to dry, betrayed, hurt, and exhausted, mentally, emotionally, physically. Though with bombing new brown hair. ;] Perhaps there will again come a day when loading my page won't make me cringe seeing pictures of people I've loved and reading lines I didn't have to force the happiness out of and I'll be able to write once more. It was wonderful having somewhere to write and write about my crazy life and all the insane things that go on...Now I rely on Facebook for the tiny details and funny blurbs...the notebook for all else. Thanks for reading all the lines and loving the posts. Maybe someday I'll be back. But for now...over and out. XOXO, Hannah Elizabeth

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer is not conducive to blogging..

Life gets in the way! Especially when I cram as many friends into every second as I can and places to be...Sooooooo -Facebook. When I go to sleep I generally come up with a blip about my day OR [Gabe and Aysa's blog] Here you will find our most extreme stunts from our bucket list :] OR -Settle for not hearing from me...I'll miss you! Love, Hannah

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Whew. Things get tricky to remember when one doesn't exactly remember to blog about it straight away...Lets remember. -Charlie's getting potty trained...he peed on my boots and I had to throw them away :[ I'm forever devastated. -We had a lockdown because of a gun threat...The little turkeys just told us to go in lock down mode right as Mrs. Burr was leaving us with another teacher so she booked it to her car, and we all scrambled for the corner being sooo loud! I couldn't find Mack and looked around to find this:

What is this? Mack surrounded by a bunch of girls...I was laughing too hard to get a decent picture. They then told us we could go back to work if we were quiet, and didn't look out the window....Sure....thaat was followed. We all peeked out the window once or twice with Corey keeping watch on the stout policeman we had for protection....I wonder if they knew we had a roof access in our room....We were in incessant fear someone trying to harm us was on the roof. We were also very loud and had to stay in school an hour later than necessary. If someone was in the school our class would be dead. The end. -I enjoy chemistry. Actually I hate it but I love Sharpie Erinn Tyler Aysa and Derek and Mack Butt..Sometimes instead of doing work...we surprise each other with pictures. [Tyler has too fast reflexes]
I got a job! At Coronado's subs by Riverton High School. It is seriously the best thing I could ask for! It pays minimum wage but I like working there, it's not too hard, I've been told multiple times I'm picking up really fast, and I'm mkaing friends with everyone there :] Kevin, Anthony, Tony, Jana, Sam, and Josh make my heart happy :] Hooray! Me and Jennifer went to another wedding expo after the funeral for my grandpa Bardsley...Which was really hard for me but it's better knowing he's no longer in pain and having a party meeting all the politicans who've gone on before him and would enjoy his political conversations a little better than we can here :] The wedding expo was a blast! We had everyone there fooled into thinking we were both engaged. So Jennifer was conned into signing up for a free honeymoon, which she accidentally won which was hilarious. The Winder guy came up to her and asked if he could get her a drink which made us both laugh extremly hard cause he sounded like he was actually trying to buy her a drink instead of just a sample, and it was just an all round good time of course :]
Pictures were taken in that weird little place we went to the last time :] My mom surprised me the opening day of Hunger Games calling to say she got 3 free tickets to go see the movie at like 4 instead of midnight. Who can snatch that up? So me and my mom and dad had a blast watching this very amazing movie [Except for the spaztic camera...what's up with that?] Me and Tyler went to Katie and Sharpie's choir concert one day and had a marvelous time sitting in the very dark very back corner and staring at everyone creepily :] Then the guys started singing "Kiss the girl" and Tyler joined along...very beautifully :] Easter came along, and with it came the Sorensons. One night all the parents went out and so I had to babysit all the youngsters...So I called along my wonderful chum Sharpie who was then much abused and forced to carry kids on his shoulders all night. As horrible as that sounds he went home smiling, laughing, and saying "I love kids."....Weirdo ;] The one day of spring break not spent entirly with family, Lindsey instigated a picture scavenger hunt at the District [Still waiting for the pictures] It ended up being Sharpie, Gabe, and Dal against Me, Jennifer, and Linds, and it was a party. The things we had to do were crazy! And heck hem the girls won. Especially cause Gabe cheated the system and made up a person instead of having an actual person sign his paper. Then we went to Dal's house. We all went in Sharpie's car but had to put Gabe in the hatchback, so we covered him in Sharpie's jacket. Which is a mexican poncho. Which made us feel like we were smuggling Gabe into America illegally.
Burying Jennifer in the tire shreds at the park [We hopped Dal's fence to get there...I had to be thrown over cause I couldn't climb]
Then came the dreaded "Everyone meets Hannah's boyfriend Tyler during Easter festivities" which actually went surprisingly well :] Except all my cousins thought it'd be fun to beat him up....and we got made fun of a lot but whateves :] The last day of break my mom took me and my sisters to Park City. We got cute clothes [That we left there and had my dad go back and get] ate delicious food, went everywhere, and I sang boyfriend by Justin Bieber...which got me weird looks... I was kinda having a rough week a couple weeks ago but had promised Megan a date. She suggested the temple. So we went with Sharpie. Once again I had a song stuck in my head and couldn't figure it out so I hummed it to Megan who told me it was How firm a foundation. The 3rd verse got me outta that rough week like none other! Then we had a good time, all while being creeped on by Dion's little brother. Afterwards we went to Coronado's [I eat there at least once a week I swear] and then traveled to Target to stock up on candy to smuggle in. This super bratty 6th grader Megan knows named.....acutally I don't know I always call her Takisha laughed at us and was judgeful....I wanted to run her over. I don't do well with other children. Then we went to see the Hunger Games. The second time a suspenseful moment happens and you know what's coming is the worst. I sat in a ball waiting for it and then screamed when it came. Megan cried, and I sang the song during the credits. Succesful date :] The April stake dance was crazy fun! These old men were on me and Tyler's case the whole time, Everett was super energetic, and Tyler played the piano for me [Which I love because it's amazing] When I told him this he decided he was going to learn and memorize this super hard song for me. It's almost done...I'm in awe Not a month after my great grandpa Bardsley died, my great grandpa Petersen died too :[ This was even more hard, especially cause I learned that funerals are one of my worst fears. I miss both of them a lot :[
Gabe took care of the nursery during this while everyone else went to sweethearts. My mom's been cracking down on me and Tyler and then suggested that we do something together afterwards so me and Gabe ended up going to Classic Skating. Where we bounced for an hour which almost killed us both, scavenged for tickets and tokens people had left [We ended up having 85! half of those we probably didn't pay for..] which we spent on mustaches, best friend necklaces, and a little ninja :] While we were eating our dinner of not so salty soft pretzels Belle and Cinderella showed up so of course we had to get our pictures taken with them. When we got up there Cinderella said to me "You'd be so pretty if it weren't for that thing on your face!" Which was so mean! :[ Then we went in the blast zone which is like a playground with these guns that shoot foam balls at other children :] We had waaaay too much fun with that until some Mexican pre-teens attacked us....Like legit jumping on us, throwing balls, and beating us with foam cubes. So we left and took a walk until my mom came. Soooo much better than the dance and the perfect cheerup with the perfect best guy friend :] Thanks!
As I was on facebook the other day I saw Tiffany had all these super old pictures of us...including some from the day me and Tyler became best friends/October 2010/best football game ever! So I had to post them :] Oh and the one of Tyler as a little kid is from when he said if I sent him a picture of me he'd send one to me :] Isn't he so cute? I wish he had a lisp as a youth, then his name would sound wicked awesome :]
We also went and hung out at the park the other day and had fun playing night games. The next night we had a big bonfire at Jennifer's where our conversation went from church, to rascist, to songs, to memories and back to church. Hey that's us :] But I forgot my camera so no pictures :[ We'll work on that Random Pictures:
Whew. Well there is the Oh so incredibly summed up version of my life :] I love mah people ;]

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's Been Happening :]

Wow. Now that I've got sweethearts taken care of we finish up the rest of the month :] -Me and Jennifer had a girls night the next week. We went to see the vow which is probably one of the cutest movies ever! We went to coldstone beforehand, went to walmart and smuggled in huuge bags of peanut butter m&ms, swedish fish, and peachie O's :] Then cried during the commercial for Titanic and laughed our guts out in the lobby :]

-The next weekend we got the clan together to go see red tails....Bloody war movie? no bueno for Hannah's....but Tylers finally allowed to hang out again so he let me cry all over him at the end :] Then we went to Jamba Juice and pulled faces at the cop parked in the lot, and then went to Tylers, where we played Mafia/Werewolf. Me and Dal were the mafias basically everytime...I'm attracted to being a murderer I guess... -Next we had a snowball fight! It finally snowed! We made Henry the snowman 3 times because Gabe kept knocking him down, and then built an ugly one and threw snowballs at it till it fell down :]
Then we met up with Tyler and went to Sharpie's house and watched the prestige...I had to come home and google the explanation for it...I was so utterly confused! -Derek's birthday conviently was the same day as the juniors ACT so we didn't have to come to school till late so we had a birthday breakfast at Aysa's! Gabe made cinnamon rolls, we all made a bunch of food, and had a thanksgiving feast. Then we played Mafia, Rock Band, snuggled for warmth, and listened to music :] But I took no pictures of course! -I had an adventure turning in applications, getting yelled at by Ross ladies, and getting more applications Tuesday and then Thursday got a call from my neighbors who own Coronado's subs offering me a job! I start tomorrow!!!! :] -That same day I bought stuff for Derek, and 13 going on 30 [Favorite movie :]] and then went to smiths for eggs and lifewater, and brought them to Aysa's. I've been driving so much lately! I'm so excited for my car! I'm getting it soon! :] -Last night was the stake dance. All the people there were like 14 so that was awkward. But it was fun :] I enjoy my clan -Friday we went and saw Alice in Wonderland from our high school. It was kinda boring but it was entertaining at the same time. My history teacher was a creeper behind us though so that was interesting.....hmmm.....Then I went out to my car with Tyler and was sooooo cold! Haha he gave me a hug and I was shaking so hard he was shaking. Twas funny :] Stay tuned for the other short and sweet mementos from my memoir :]

Sweethearts...Finally! :]

Who's excited? Haha :] Now that I have a facebook I can finally get a hold of some pictures I've been lacking for so long :] [Hopefully I can get the names to match up....

Lindsey and Alex
Malori and Austin
Callie and Parker
Funny faces!
My favorite picture! Alex and Parker's nastiness and Austin looking soooooooooo awkward! Haha
Gabe and Aysa
Group Pictureoos
Heather and Everett [I set them Up :]]
I wub my big bwotha!
Haha I look like I've waited my entire life to meet him! :]
Me and Gabe failed.....I'm looking away from everything and Gabe's...sneezing? moooing?
Why I have no self esteem...I know these gorgeous girls!
Me and Sharpie And then I had that horrible moment when i just realized....I never wrote about sweethearts...I swear I did! AH! Ok so February 10th I went shoe shopping with my aunt Mer [And got super cute sandals :] and then the 11th was the dance! I'm prepared :] Jill and Grandma did my hair and makeup, I had a nervous breakdown and then went to Lindseys in my dress I borrowed from Jennifer's sister Michelle [Thank you!] I get to Lindsey's and get immediatly drug out my Howerd and we go to his car and he acts like a girl and couldn't decide which tie to wear so I had to help him choose [Even though he texted me earlier and had the same dilema....Oh big brother....] Then as soon as everyone got there we went to the fields across the street and Linds' dad took pictures [Callie is Lindsey's sister, Malori is her friend, Alex and Parker are brothers and Lindsey's family's friends, and the rest...are my clan :] Then on to Noodles and Company...Sharpie kept opening doors for me [I hate that] but since it was girls choice I bought dinner! Yes! Except we had to get in line like 3 times cause we kept forgetting drinks and napkins and such :] Then we had a lovely meal of Mac and Cheese after Sharpie tried to scoot my chair in...and failed. Probably because I'm fat but he says the carpet was obnoxious. The dance was waaaay fun! We partied it up, Sharpie picked me up and I almost kicked Scott in the face, me and sharpie's slow dancing included running into all the extremly PDA weirdo couples, and we sang as loud as we could. Perfect. :] Then we went to Lindsey's aunts house, ate ice cream sundaes, pretended to watch a comedian on tv, and talked...until Parker's face got peed on by a dog and we realized we had 10 minutes till curfew :] So great! Thanks guys! Unprofessional pictures:
Theeeeeeeeeeeee end :]